The Newcomer


The Newcomer by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the second book in the Amish Beginnings series. I decided to review this book for two reasons: 1) its prequel, Anna’s Crossing, was very memorable and 2) the book is in the Amish fiction genre, which I find interesting. Fisher has a strong writing style and her story flows well. Here are some book club discussion questions I have compiled based on the book!

  1. Who is the newcomer?
  2. The author includes a glossary of historical terms. Were any of the words – such as cloaming or cleat – new to you?
  3. After reading The Newcomer, do you feel you have a better grasp of the social climate of Philadelphia, Boston Harbor, and Lancaster County in 1737?
  4. On page 136, Fisher writes, “She picked up the fire iron and poked at the logs, studying the fire. Bairn’s face flickered in the flames.” How would you characterize Fisher’s writing style – or the way she describes a scene?
  5. What are some things that make the Ephrata Community strict?
  6. Fisher’s book includes some surprises along the way. Which part surprised you the most?
  7. If you were Anna, what would you do after Bairn left to cross the ocean another time?

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