Is the Bible Good for Women?


Is the Bible good for women? That’s the question Wendy Alsup asks in her compelling book, aptly entitled Is the Bible Good for Women? Seeking Clarity and Confidence Through a Jesus-Centered Understanding of Scripture. The answer is, unsurprisingly, yes – the Bible is good for women – and to reaffirm that conclusion, Alsup takes the reader on a thought-provoking tour of Scripture and society.

Understanding the cultural climate of when certain Biblical passages were written allows the reader to better understand the context of these passages and their linguistical nuances. One especially interesting part of the book is Chapter 8, “Are Paul’s and Peter’s Instructions Good for Women?”; a subsection of the chapter explores the issue of women speaking (and remaining silent) in the early church.

Is the Bible Good for Women? is a great book for those interested in theology – and especially church gender roles. Alsup writes well, and she digs deep into her subject matter.

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