NIV The Plans I Have For You Holy Bible


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The NIV The Plans I Have For You Holy Bible is a New International Version Bible published by Zonderkidz. The text is primarily black, and the size seems a bit small, though children with 20/20 vision will have no problem reading it. The subject headings are typed in a light bluish purple color; I wish the subject headings were a bit darker, but since they’re just subject headings and not main text, it is a minor issue.

The Bible is hardcover and weighs about 2 pounds. It seems like an easy Bible to carry into church or a Sunday school class. Its dimensions are 5.8 x 1.5 x 8.7 inches.

The book contains some supplemental materials, but the content primarily consists of the NIV Bible (unabridged). The cover looks gender-neutral and would appeal to both girls and boys. It seems like a good Bible for elementary school – perhaps second through sixth grade. (After coming to this conclusion, I see that the publisher agrees; on Amazon, the age range is listed as 8 to 12.)

This Bible is currently priced at $27.99 on Amazon. If you buy 24 or more Bibles on, you can currently get them for $17.09 a piece. I haven’t compared those prices to other sites, so you may find a better deal. I would feel comfortable buying this Bible for around $20 or less.

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