Thank You, God, for Grandma


Thank You, God, for Grandma is a sweet children’s board book written by Amy Parker and illustrated by Rosalinda Kightley, showing how wonderful grandmothers are. The rhyme scheme goes like this: “Grandma always shows us / To care for others too, / To find a way to brighten a day / And let God’s love shine through.” The book would make a good baby shower gift. It is 20 pages long and is geared for toddlers and preschoolers.

The three protagonists of the story – the grandmother, grandson, and granddaughter – are cute brown bears. I like how the grandmother is visually portrayed in the story; she wears a necklace made of flowers, has white eyebrows and black mascara-painted eyelashes, and dons a stylish yellow hat in a couple of the pages.

The best thing about the book is that it shows the loving relationship between the grandmother and her grandchildren, as well as the fun adventures and activities that they pursue together. They take a walk, pick berries, read an exciting book, play dress-up and hide-and-seek, sing, cuddle, bake, go on a picnic, and give gifts to the needy. The grandmother comes across as caring, gentle, and attentive. The grandchildren love their grandmother, look up to her, and enjoy their time together.



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