Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible


Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible, illustrated by Omar Aranda, is a children’s storybook Bible that features key Biblical stories. This is one of my favorite storybook Bibles, and I am adding it to my “Recommended Reading” list on this website.

The first thing I noticed about the book was its nice size. It is large in dimensions – 8.7 x .11.1 inches – which is longer and wider than many storybook Bibles I have reviewed. But it is also not that thick (which I like) and is only .6 inches in depth.

The stories featured in the book are God Creates the World, Adam and Eve in the Garden, Noah Builds an Ark, Joseph Goes to Egypt, Baby Moses in the River, Moses Frees His People, The Battle of Jericho, Samson’s Strength, Ruth and Naomi, Hannah’s Prayer, Samuel Listens to God, David and Goliath, David Becomes King, Wise King Solomon, Queen Esther’s Bravery, The Fiery Furnace, Daniel and the Lions, Jonah and the Big Fish, Mary and the Angel, Jesus is Born, A Visit from the Wise Men, Jesus is Baptized, A Mountaintop Teaching, Feeding the Crowds, He Walks on Water, The Blind Man, Zacchaeus the Tax Collector, Lazarus, Wake Up!, Jesus in Jerusalem, The Darkest Day, He Lives!, Jesus’ Mission for You, and Jesus is Coming Back.

If a young child reads these stories, or is read these stories, they would begin to gain a good understanding of the Bible. Omar’s colorful drawings complement the text, do a good job of illustrating the story, and are fun to look at.

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