With Ballet in my Soul


With Ballet in My Soul: Adventures of a Globetrotting Impresario is a memoir by Eva Maze, recounting her career as a theatrical impresario. Maze was a producer of close to 100 different theatrical programs! Born in Romania, and now an American, Maze has had an extremely interesting life, having lived in and travelled to cities all over the world. I loved learning about her adventures in Bucharest, New York City, New Delhi, and Munich – just to name a few.

The pages of the book are presented in a beautiful manner, with the text set against a smooth beige-patterned background. Additionally, many of the pages feature relevant photographs and playbills.

Maze’s story is inspirational, because she had a great career, but also a great family life. I liked reading how many of Maze’s major life experiences happened due to some small occurrence; for example, Maze met her husband when a co-worker invited her to a Russian War Relief dance. Maze originally set out to be a ballerina, but ended up being a theatrical impresario; the book shows how sometimes going for a certain dream often leads to a different and even greater dream.

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