The Lucky Few


The Lucky Few is a memoir by Heather Avis, which chronicles her journey of adopting three lovely children, two of which have Down syndrome.  It is such a wonderful book, and I’ve added it to my “Recommended Reading” list on this site. The Lucky Few is definitely a “feel-good” story that leaves you with a happy feeling.

[This review contains spoilers!]

After years of struggling with infertility, Heather and her husband Josh chose to have a private adoption, and were eventually drawn to the idea of adopting a child with Down syndrome. At first, they had some reservations, and wondered if this truly was part of their calling. Consequently, I liked the part of the book when Heather and Josh realized there might not be a child with Down syndrome available to adopt, and they felt disappointed; this further showed them the path that God was leading them to.

Heather and Josh first adopted Macyn, a baby girl with Down syndrome, and they later added two more awesome kids to their family: Truly and August (the latter of which has Down syndrome). The book is a great example of a loving Christian family.


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