The Chapel Car Bride


The Chapel Car Bride is a historical fiction novel by Judith Miller, author of the Refined by Love series. It takes place in 1913, and focuses on Hope Irvine, who travels with her preacher father in a chapel car for an on-the-rails evangelical ministry. They travel in West Virginia, where Hope meets Luke Hughes, a poor but kind-hearted miner.

Since it is set over 100 years ago, it is interesting to observe the characters’ old-fashioned manners and decorum. Though the setting seems charming, I liked that Miller does show various dangers that the characters face. I was not that familiar with chapel cars, so it was nice to learn about this piece of history through Miller’s novel.

The book has a good pace. A sample section of text reads, “Moments later, a knock sounded at the door, and all three of them turned. Hope stood and glanced at the clock.”


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