A Paralyzing Redemption

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A Paralyzing Redemption by Brian Ziegler is a memoir about Ziegler’s journeys in his life and his faith. At the age of 21, Ziegler became a quadriplegic after a car accident, but his faith in God only grew stronger. The book is upbeat and motivational, and one can tell from Ziegler’s writing that he has a zest for life.

Ziegler writes in a nice conversational style, as if he is telling his story to a friend. A Paralyzing Redemption is a well-rounded memoir; besides discussing the aftermath of his accident, Ziegler also talks about topics including his marriage and children, a mission trip to Peru, and finding out as an adult about the existence of another family member. His chapter on foster parenting shows the unique challenges that foster parents sometimes face. I also liked reading about how he started playing murderball, or wheelchair rugby; I had enjoyed watching part of the documentary Murderball (2005) many years ago.

The book is very inspiring – not because Ziegler has quadriplegia, but because he has fully devoted his life to God. We all face our own challenges in life, and Ziegler shows that challenges do not have to defeat us. We can use our challenges as a way to show God’s glory.

You can find A Paralyzing Redemption on the CrossLink Publishing website.

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