Organizing for Your Lifestyle


In Organizing for Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcases, Jane Stoller shows readers how to live a more organized life. The author starts the book by discussing the link between organization and stress, and then goes into detail on how to organize closets, bathrooms, kitchens, travel bags, and storage rooms. Stoller also includes helpful photographs that assist in illustrating her points, such as how to hang, fold, or organize particular garments.

The chapter discussing how to organize your kitchen was my favorite chapter. My kitchen is one room I have not organized extensively, and it is a room that is often overlooked in organizational books. Every chapter, however, had great advice; for example, in the Travel chapter, Stoller included a handy three-page list of her favorite carry-on essentials.

Organizing for Your Lifestyle was very enjoyable to read, partly because the author’s use of first person gave the book a personal feel. What makes the book powerful is that Stoller talks a little bit about quite a lot of topics, giving the reader very specific organizational tips to incorporate in their own lives.

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