High as the Heavens


High as the Heavens by Kate Breslin is a novel about Evelyn Marche, a British nurse in Brussels during World War I. But Evelyn is not only a nurse …she also works as a spy. And she soon crosses paths with an injured pilot, British RFC Captain Simon Forrester.

The book is a gripping story with a nice mix of action, suspense, and romance, and the 1917 European setting provides a good historical lesson for the reader. It is nice to read a book revolving around The Great War, since World War II novels are often more popular.

The novel moves in a pleasantly swift manner. Both of the protagonists are interesting figures, and they interact well together. I like the description that the author employs; you feel as if you could be in the room with the characters, seeing what they are seeing and hearing what they are hearing. High as the Heavens is certainly a page-turner.

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