One by One


One by One: Welcoming the Singles in Your Church by Gina Dalfonzo explores the marginalization of singles in the church while also examining rigid mindsets that lead to this marginalization. Dalfonzo shows that singles are not problems, pariahs, or projects, but rather people who are merely on a different life path than married people. I loved reading this book. If you work in ministry, I recommend that you read it! And if you don’t work in ministry, I recommend that you read it!

Throughout the book, Dalfonzo not only demonstrates how singles in the church should be treated, but she also explores the Christian culture of dating. Her book is especially interesting if you grew up reading popular Christian courtship books such as Passion and PurityI Kissed Dating Goodbye, and Boy Meets Girl, because Dalfonzo discusses how some of the core messages in these books influenced dating and courtship trends in the church. One by One is a highly interesting and relevant read.


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