Living with No Excuses


Noah Galloway was a young American who joined the military following September 11. In 2005, during his second deployment, he was injured in an IED attack, losing his left arm above the elbow and his left leg above the knee. Galloway’s book Living with No Excuses: The Remarkable Rebirth of an American Soldier chronicles his journey after losing his arm and leg, showing how he was able to overcome adversity and adapt to a new life.

Living with No Excuses is a good book for someone who has seen Noah Galloway on TV (perhaps during his appearance on Dancing with the Stars) and wants to learn more about his backstory and personal life, including his two marriages. The book also features eight pages of color photographs showcasing Noah, his family, his army days, and his appearance on Dancing with the Stars. Throughout the book, Noah writes in a conversational style; while reading the text, you can almost hear his voice.

The memoir also includes darker parts of Galloway’s story, including repeated drunk driving incidents and a brief stay in prison. Though he served his country fighting for America and is an American hero, Galloway also endangered people back home with his drunk driving. Noah also chronicles his struggles with depression and addiction; the sharing of his struggles will hopefully help others fighting depression and addiction.

I enjoyed reading about Galloway’s various life experiences. Through the trauma that he has unfortunately had to endure in his life, Galloway has been able to be a positive force for others, showing that you can accomplish great things in the face of adversity.

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