The Promise of Breeze Hill


The Promise of Breeze Hill by Pam Hillman is part of The Natchez Trace Novel series. The novel takes place in Natchez, Mississippi, in 1791, and focuses on Isabella Bartholomew of the fictional Breeze Hill Plantation and her identured Irish servant, Connor O’Shea.

The strength of Hillman’s writing lies in her description. She uses her words well, proficiently painting scenes and scenarios that are easy to imagine in vivid detail. Her two protagonists have good chemistry, and their thoughts and interactions keep the story moving at a pleasantly steady pace.

Those who have visited Natchez – and perhaps toured some of Natchez’ antebellum homes, such as Stanton Hall and the D’Evereux mansion – will be very interested in Hillman’s Natchez setting, as she skillfully combines historical facts with a fleshed out fictional story. The 1791 time period also makes for an interesting choice, since it explores the practice and conditions of indentured servitude.



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