Daring to Hope

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Katie Davis Major is the mother of 13 adopted daughters. She’s also only 27 years old – and serves as a missionary in Jinja, Uganda. After falling in love with the people of Uganda during a high school mission trip, Katie permanently moved to Uganda following her graduation from high school, and she created the nonprofit organization Amazima Ministries International in 2008. Her organization runs a sponsorship program for Ugandan children, as well as a program that feeds children, a farming outreach program, a medical outreach program, and a program that sells jewelry locally created by Ugandans and purchased by Americans.

In 2012, Katie published a book about her life entitled Kisses for Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption. Now, Katie is releasing a new book, Daring to Hope: Finding God’s Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful. Many readers of Kisses for Katie were curious to see Katie’s next steps in life. When she wrote Kisses for Katie, she was a single girl. Now, Katie is married to Benji Majors – who also hails from her home state of Tennessee – and they have a biological son. Daring to Hope nicely chronicles the current chapter of Katie’s life.

Many people in life will be missionaries in one way or another, but their mission work may look a lot different than Katie’s. Their mission work may not extend beyond their own country – or they may help those from other countries from a distance, through charity programs that they start or participate in. The great thing about the book Daring to Hope is that it gives a message of hope and inspiration to all people, whether they want to serve as missionaries in Uganda, or in their own backyard.

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