Free of Me


Free of Me: Why Life Is Better When It’s NOT ABOUT YOU is a liberating self-help book by Sharon Hodde Miller. The book discusses how to put less focus on yourself and more focus on God and other people. The book is not about losing your self-identity, but rather about embracing altruism.

One of my favorite chapters was “When You Make Your Possessions About You,” which explores vanity, greed, and generosity. Another favorite chapter was “Forgetting Myself”, in which Miller points out that affirmation in one area of your life does not necessarily transfer to other areas; for instance, a writer may be praised by his family and friends, but he still might feel subpar among his peers.

I enjoyed the discussion questions at the end of each chapter, such as, “How has your self-focus led to insecurity?” The questions would be helpful in a book club or Bible study setting. Free of Me is a relevant book in what is often a self-obsessed culture.


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