Be Fierce


Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back is a book by Gretchen Carlson that tackles the topic of sexual harrassment. Be Fierce is a great book for women – and men – who both need to know about the harrassment that can and does occur in work environments.

Because speaking out about sexual harassment sometimes has negative consequences for the victims, it is wonderful that someone as high profile as Carlson can bluntly write about what many women encounter in the workplace; it further cements the fact that sexual harrassment is a real problem. Even after hearing countless stories about sexual harrassment in the past, it was very eye-opening to read the accounts of Carlson and other women and see what they had to face. The chapter that interested me the most was “Enough Already!” – particularly the section that talked about sexual harrassment myths. I liked learning more about Carlson through the book, and I found Be Fierce to be an empowering and encouraging read.



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