Forgiving God


Forgiving God: A Story of Faith by Hilary Yancey is a moving story about faith, family, and God’s love. I enjoyed reading Yancey’s life story and getting to know more about Hilary, her husband, Preston, and her son, Jack. Yancey writes well, and though it is a nonfiction book, you still feel transported into her scenes. She is a powerful writer.

Forgiving God is a good story of the importance of human life, and it is a good story about prayer. It shows what little control we often have. Yancey and her husband faced challenges, and overcame those challenges, and I liked hearing their stories of Yancey’s pregnancy and Jack’s baby years. The book shows the worth of human life. It also reminds us how cruel the world and people can be, but that we should not fear, because we have a loving God. Forgiving God is a powerful, thought-provoking book.

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