Once Upon a Farm


In his memoir Once Upon a Farm: Lessons on Growing Love, Life, and Hope on a New Frontier, Rory Feek talks about love, family, and country music. Feek and his late wife, Joey Feek, sang in the successful music duo Joey + Rory. In 2014, Joey gave birth to their daughter Indiana Boon, and in 2016, Joey tragically died of metastatic cervical cancer. This book gives us a sweet snapshot into Rory and Indiana’s current life.

I loved learning about Rory’s life: his restaurant, his music, and his family. It is evident that the author has a passion for music and business, and that he strives to keep family bonds strong. Rory also has two daughters from his first marriage, Heidi and Hopie, and the book gives us a glimpse into their lives as well. Now that I have read Once Upon a Farm, I am interested in listening to more of Rory’s music. Rory’s story is one of faith and hope.


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