The Sparkle Effect


The Sparkle Effect: Step into the Radiance of Your True Identity is an inspiring book by Kristen Dalton Wolfe, the 2009 winner of Miss USA. Throughout the book, Wolfe talks about “sparkling” – about following your dreams as you follow God, and accomplishing great things as you help others. The book discusses topics such as beauty, resilience, self-worth, healing, thankfulness, humility, sincerity, and vitality.

The Sparkle Effect is a heartfelt book, and Wolfe boldly encourages others in their walks with God. I like how Wolfe talks about seeing every day as an adventure as we embrace God. I also like the prayers that she includes towards the end of each chapter. The author provides insightful commentary on trusting God, being supportive of others, and learning to say “no” to people.

I enjoyed learning more about Wolfe’s journey as Miss USA. She shows that beauty comes from within, and that true beauty is measured through kindness and courageousness. I like how Wolfe talks about using the strengths that you have been given and making the most of them. She is a great role model for young girls, demonstrating that it is important to follow God instead of listening to the lies of the world. One of the best messages Wolfe sends is, “We will never become our best selves if we are focused on trying to be liked.”


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