Cole and Sav


Savannah Soutas was a single mom to daughter Everleigh when she met Cole LaBrant. Cole and Sav married, and they continue to document their life story in their YouTube channel, called Cole & Sav, where they vlog about their daily lives. As of October 2018, their most-viewed video was seen 35 million times. But now, they are also documenting their lives in a book, Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story, which chronicles their love story and marriage.

I had seen a few of Cole and Sav’s YouTube videos, including their wedding video and “daddy-daughter dance” video, and I really enjoyed reading the story of their friendship, engagement, and marriage. The book gives a glimpse into their lives; not only do we see Cole and Sav fall in love, but we also see Cole and Everleigh bonding. The book is written in a nice conversational style, giving it the friendly feel of their YouTube videos. I liked how Cole and Sav each wrote different sections of the book; it was great to see their two different perspectives. Most importantly, readers witness how both Cole and Sav focus their lives on God.


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