My Christmas ABCs


My Christmas ABCs, published by Tommy Nelson and illustrated by Jordan Wray, is a cute children’s book that helps kiddos practice the alphabet using Christmas-themed words. Each of the twenty-six alphabet letters is represented by a picture and a short verse. For example, for the letter “A,” there is a drawing of an angel accompanied by the words, “A is for the angel who brought joyful news for everyone!” The book highlights both Christian and commercial aspects of Christmas, and is bound to bring a sense of Christmas nostalgia to the reader.

Each page in the book features something that glitters, such as a glittering bell for the letter “B,” which is a nice touch. The illustrations are drawn in an adorable and minimalistic manner. One of my favorite drawings is “H,” which shows “hot chocolate on a chilly winter’s night.” Another favorite page is “S,” which shows “stockings just waiting to be filled!” and has a bear sticking out of a green glittery stocking. Because the book solely focuses on the alphabet letter and its matching picture, the book is relatively quick to read through during storytime, bedtime, or Christmastime.

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