How Do You Say Good Night?


How Do You Say Good Night? is a children’s board book, illustrated by Catalina Echeverri, that shows various animals in the wild getting ready for bed. With calming words, and earth-tone illustrations, the book has a peaceful atmosphere.

Children can see zebras, lions, warthogs, elephants, ostriches, monkeys, and hippos preparing for bed, and then feel at ease about their own bedtime routines. The book particularly focuses on a zebra named Zoey, who visits other animals in the wild, and children can relate to Zoey’s energetic and curious nature.

When visiting each group of animals, Zoey asks them, “How do you say good night?” The animals have different ways of saying goodnight and getting ready for bed, but they all have close relationships with their family members, and say good night by giving praise to God. After reading this story, parents and children can ask themselves the same question, “How do we say good night?” The book can be used as a fun and introspective bedtime activity.

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