You Are Enough


You Are Enough: Heartbreak, Healing, and Becoming Whole by Mandy Hale is a book about moving forward and maintaining hope when everything feels hopeless. The book is funny, entertaining, and fun to read. It is also inspirational, and focuses on healing from heartbreak and loving yourself.

I had previously read another book by Hale, Beautiful Uncertainty: Singleness, Surrender, and Stepping Out on Faith, and I was interested in seeing what new adventures Hale has been on since then. In You Are Enough, I liked hearing about Hale’s ups and downs in dating, from her excitement to meeting a guy on Bumble, to her realization that another guy would never really commit to her. She makes up cute pseudonyms for the different guys she dated, and the book does have a bit of a romantic comedy feel. (Hale would write a good rom-com novel!). 

Through this book, Hale wisely reminds us that loving and accepting ourselves is a journey. Life does not have to be perfect, and on the road to self-discovery, we can embrace God and embrace life. I am interested in reading Hale’s future books and seeing where her life leads her next.



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