Unexpected Blessings


Unexpected Blessings: The Joys & Possibilities of Life in a Special-Needs Family by Sandra Peoples is an inspirational book that talks about embracing the blessings and navigating the difficulties of life in a special needs family. The author grew up with a sister who has Down syndrome and now has a son with autism, giving her valuable insight on how to help other parents and siblings of people with special needs.

The book focuses on how to face the grief of letting go of certain dreams or expectations, and it also focuses on the immense joy that a family member with special needs brings to the family. Sandra Peoples shows how people with special needs are an asset to the church. She weaves Scripture references and relevant Biblical stories throughout the book, and she talks about how the Bible discusses disability. The end of each chapter includes helpful journaling questions to reflect upon the material.

Unexpected Blessings is realistic, and encouraging, and it shows how a tribe of special needs families can move mountains with grace, hope, and love.



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