God’s Good News


God’s Good News: More Than 60 Bible Stories & Devotions is a wonderful book of children’s Bible stories with devotions by Billy Graham and illustrations by Scott Wakefield. This beloved book can be enjoyed by children and adults alike; children can discover Graham’s sermons for the first time, while their parents can revisit Graham’s comforting writing style.

The over 60 Bible stories include a variety of stories from the Old Testament and New Testament, which provide a good basis for learning key elements of major Bible stories. We also learn about many key figures in the Bible, from Joseph, to Esther, to Peter and Paul. Billy Graham’s devotions describe the Bible stories while also being thoughtful and insightful.

Some of my favorite sections talked about Daniel in the Lions’ Den, The Last Supper, and Jericho’s Crumbling Walls. I also loved looking at the book’s illustrations; they have a very classic feel. The built-in blue ribbon bookmark was helpful for keeping my place when looking through the book.

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