God Made the Animals


God Made the Animals by Hannah C. Hall is a children’s board book chronicling brothers Clive and Ian’s trip to the zoo, where they excitedly search for various animals. While reading this book with their parents, children can reflect upon their own trips to the zoo, and be reminded that God created all of the animals. As they explore this book, children will also enjoy identifying the different animals.

The animals covered in the book include tigers, elephants, ladybugs, whales, flamingos, bunnies, puppies, parrots, and monkeys (and more). I thought it was funny that Ian thinks that tigers have polka dots. I also liked the characters’ enthusiasm for finding the various animals, like they are on a fun quest. Ian had a good sense of curiosity, asking lots of questions, such as, “Did He make the big elephants and the tiny lady bugs?” I like the way that Greg Hardin and Kenny Yamada illustrated the book, in a bright and cheery manner. My favorite drawing was that of the big blue whale, set against a backdrop of a calming blue ocean.

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