You’re My Little Sweet Pea


You’re My Little Sweet Pea, published by Zondervan and illustrated by Kit Chase, is a lovely children’s book about the sweet bond between mother and child. The book begins with a delicate illustration of a mother deer telling her baby, “Little Sweet Pea, I love you, from button nose to baby coo,” and the pages continue with a series of equally delightful drawings of cats, sheep, giraffes, bears, foxes, tigers, bunnies, and mice – each painting a warm and loving scene of a mother and child. If you were to attribute one word, or feeling, to this book, perhaps it would be “home.” The book has a feeling of comfort and coziness, like a hot drink on a cold winter’s day. One of my favorite pages shows a mother mouse tucking her baby in as she says, “And joy deep down is mine to keep / while you’re awake or fast asleep.” The book wonderfully shows how happy the mothers are as they care for, nurture, and raise their children.

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