God, I Know You’re There


God, I Know You’re There, written by Bonnie Rickner Jensen and illustrated by Lucy Fleming, is a children’s book that demonstrates how even though we cannot see, touch, reach, or watch things does not mean they are not there. The book talks about the wind, sun, sky, clouds, moon, stars, rainbows, rain, thunder, seeds, and snowflakes, and then talks about God, saying that though we cannot see Him, we can feel His love.

The verses are well-written, and the cute drawings have a Studio Ghibli feel. I like how the drawings have a textured look that resemble paintings. My favorite set of pages shows a girl gleefully catching snowflakes in front of a snowy scene with the words, “Snowflake, I can’t trace your crystals. / Still I know you’re there / You’ve been designed so I won’t find / One like you anywhere!” The rhythm of the book has a calming and comforting tone. With its reassuring words, God I Know You’re There would make a great bedtime story, or a great “anytime” book. It would work for a bedtime book or an anytime book. I had previously enjoyed reading Bonnie Rickner Jensen’s Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories.


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