Put on Your PJs, Piggies!


Put on Your PJs, Piggies! is an adorable children’s book written by Laura Neutzling and illustrated by Sydney Hanson.  The book features a group of sibling piglets as they prepare for bedtime on the farm. The book can help prepare children for bed, as they see that the piglets go through a series of steps that may be similar to their own bedtime routine.

My favorite illustration is the one where the piglets are eating an evening snack of blueberries and other fruit. I especially like the vivid green tones used in the book; it makes the farm look like a soothing place to be. We see the piglets play, eat a bedtime snack, take a bath, put on their pajamas, sing a bedtime song, pray, and go to sleep. I like how even though the piglets initially say they are not tired, they still begin the bedtime routine, which then helps them go to sleep. On each set of pages, there is a cute recurrent theme of telling the piglets to put on their pajamas.

Put on Your PJs, Piggies is a 20 page board book by Thomas Nelson. The cover contains some glitter.

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