Grateful American


Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service by Gary Sinise is a book that talks about actor Gary Sinise’s life and patriotism. I liked reading about how Sinise co-founded Steppenwolf Theatre, and it was interesting to see how Steppenwolf functioned in its early days. The book provides a good view into the life of an actor who is just starting his career, as well as one with an established career.

I enjoyed learning about various actors and directors who Sinise worked with. I also enjoyed learning about Sinise’s time on the sets of Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, and many other movies. I liked how his role as Dan in Forrest Gump led to his work with veterans, and I loved Sinise’s patriotism. It was great to read about the journey of Sinise’s life so far and how different experiences led to other experiences. Sinise has a contagious enthusiasm for the craft of acting.

Grateful American is a captivating book with so many different compelling stories. The detail and description Grateful American sometimes reminds me of the novel; perhaps it is merely because the book is very well-written. The book has a good mix of funny and serious stories, and Sinise writes with humor, earnestness, and sincerity.

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