Night Night Bible Stories


Night Night Bible Stories is a heartwarming book of thirty stories for bedtime, written by Amy Parker and illustrated by Virginia Allyn. Amy Parker has written many other children’s books I love, such as An Easter Prayer, A Pumpkin Prayer, Night Night, Jungle and Thank You God, for Grandma. Needless to say, I was excited about reviewing this book (and was not disappointed!).

One of my favorite stories in the book was “The World’s Bravest Queen,” a story about Esther. Another favorite story of mine was “Jesus Walks on Water.” Each of the Bible stories includes a few illustrations of people from the Biblical accounts, helping children visualize the stories. The storybook showcases a nice variety of both Old and New Testament stories. Each story is written in a clear manner and geared for kids approximately ages 3 to 7. I like how Parker lists the Bible passage that each story is based on (such as when Parker lists Exodus 2 – 15 for the story “Splitting the Sea). I also like how Parker weaves in some lines of poetry based on each story. In “A Miracle in a Stable,” she writes, “A gift of grace, this holy One, / a gift of love, God’s own Son,” along with two other lines of poetry and a sweet prayer. It’s a great book!

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