Midnight Lullabies


Midnight Lullabies: Moments of Peace for Moms is a lovely 31-day devotional by Lauren Eberspacher. The book discusses important issues women face as they take on the role of motherhood. Some of the topics Eberspacher talks about include loneliness, friendship, anger, joy, comparison, hurt, sickness, and shame. I like how each chapter includes a relevant prayer.

One of my favorite lessons was Day 15, “When Mom Fear is Consuming,” especially the part that talks about attacking your fears. Another favorite lesson was Day 20, “When It’s Time to Put Down the Mop”; I like how she challenges readers to “pick one thing and leave it undone.” Each lesson begins with a Bible verse, and Eberspacher does a great job of combining topics in Scripture with issues mom face in everyday life. The author wisely uses her own experiences and challenges, writing with humor in a down-to-earth tone that is easy to relate to. I loved seeing how Eberspacher handled difficulties while also embracing the joy of motherhood.

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