Bet on Talent


Bet on Talent: How to Create a Remarkable Culture That Wins The Hearts of Customers is an inspirational business book by Dee Ann Turner. The book emphasizes that our businesses should focus on people rather than products or locations. The book delves into what it means to have a “remarkable culture” in your company. We learn about the essence and elements of a remarkable culture, how to build a team that creates a remarkable culture, how to grow a remarkable culture among your team, and how to engage guests in a remarkable culture.

One of my favorite chapters was “Building a Team That Creates a Remarkable Culture,” especially the part that talked about continuing to invest in the growth of seasoned leaders. I also really enjoyed the section that talked about cultivating commitment, in the chapter, “Growing a Remarkable Culture Among Your Team.” I liked reading the stories that Turner shared about her own business experiences as well as the experiences of others; the stories serve as important lessons for people wanting to create a remarkable culture in their own workplace.

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