Get Up & Go! Fun Ideas for Getting Fit as a Family


Get Up & Go! by Jennifer Flanders is a great book for families or individuals who want to integrate more exercise into their daily routines. The book is formatted nicely, with each page devoted to a different activity. Flanders includes 111 family-friendly activities in all.

The book recommends a lot of fitness ideas directly associated with physical activity (like aerobic workouts and creative types of bike and running races), but Flanders also provides ways to “get up and go” while doing tasks such as gardening, sweeping, and fruit picking. Kids will enjoy the variations of “tag” games detailed in the book, including freeze tag, octopus tag, and zombie tree tag. The book shows that simply playing games like Simon Says or going on scavenger hunts can be turned into exercise opportunities. I really liked how Flanders suggested how parents can exercise while at the playground with their kids, and I also enjoyed the ideas for fall fitness activities, such as running through corn mazes. When reading the book, parents will need to evaluate the safety of some of the suggested activities (i.e. climbing trees).

If you live a busy life and want to fit more physical activity into your schedule, this book is a great read. The activities are fun for parents and children to do together. The book will definitely make you feel inspired to “get up and go!”

I received a free copy of Get Up & Go! From BookCrash in exchange for an honest review. You can buy Get Up & Go here on Amazon. 

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