Living Without Worry


Do you find yourself overcome with worry? If so, Living Without Worry by Timothy Lane is a good book to check out. First of all, I like how the book separates necessary concern with unecessary worry; Lane emphasizes how it is reasonable to be concerned about things that interfere with our health, safety, and well-being. Lane acknowledges that life is full of suffering, but he also reiterates how people do not really need to worry, since our past has been forgiven by God and our future is secure with Him.

It was interesting when Lane analyzed the reasons why people worry; he reminds us that sometimes the reasons are not as obvious as they seem. I like how each chapter includes reflection questions to help discuss the material. Lane stresses how our relationship with Jesus Christ will be the key to ease our worry, and I liked how he said the Bible was like a letter that God has written to us. I thought it was great how Lane explained how being “laid-back” is not the cure to worry. I also really enjoyed the section of the book where Lane dove into why we worry about different issues – such as finances, relationships, and children – and I think this section was very thought-provoking. If you’re overwhelmed with worry, Living Without Worry offers a lot of wise counsel, grounded in Biblical principles. It is a very valuable book.

I received a review copy from Cross Focused Reviews. The book can be found here on Amazon. 

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