Mama Maggie


Mama Maggie by Marty Makary and Ellen Vaughn tells the story of Maggie Gobran, a Coptic Christian woman who ministered to the people of Egypt’s garbage slums since 1997. Because of her amazing work, she has been called the “Mother Teresa of Egypt.”

I had never read about Egypt’s garbage slums, so this book was very informative. I learned a lot more about Egypt in general. It’s amazing to see the impact that people can make in the lives of others. Maggie’s organization, Stephen’s Children, continues to reach out to the families of Egypt’s slums, daily nurturing 18,420 children in their schools, as well as providing many other ministerial resources to the people.

The book was a real tear-jerker; I had only been reading a few pages and already found myself crying. Maggie is a fascinating and inspirational woman, and the stories in this book are very motivating. Once I picked this book up, it was hard to put it down! Maggie was born into wealth, putting her in a good position to help others. But the gifts that she gave to the people she helped were not just material or financial – she also gave them love and acceptance.

I received a review copy from BookLook Bloggers. Mama Maggie is available here on Amazon.

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