Rain: A Natural and Cultural History


It’s been raining here a lot lately. I don’t particularly like the rain, but when I was given Cynthia Barnett’s book Rain: A Natural and Cultural History from Blogging for Books, I discovered that rain is definitely an interesting topic to read about.

The book is fascinating, and it shows what an essential place rain has in our lives. It is a lengthy, beautifully written book. I thought it was interesting how Barnett discussed how rain influences writers. The book is well-researched, and contains a lot of interesting facts. The text contains a nice mix of history, science, and Barnett’s own rain-related stories. And true to the book title, the lyrical writing is by no means dry. Barnett’s writing is both poetic and engaging.

This was a very original idea for a book; it’s is the type of book I would give to someone as a gift. We see how rain relates to major events in history, and we see what an important role rain plays in our lives. If you’re having a rainy day and want to pick up a good book, I highly suggest reading Rain. You can find it here on Amazon.

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