Questions Jesus Asks


Questions Jesus Asks by Israel Wayne explores just what you would expect: various questions Jesus asked his followers in the New Testament. I found it to be a very enjoyable and well-researched book; the author makes great theological points, and he presents them in a captivating manner. The chapters not only include valuable insight on what Jesus said, but they also feature interesting stories that are relevant to the text.

The content is well organized, with a good flow; Wayne’s writing just made me want to keep reading. My favorite chapters were “Why are You Afraid?” which is about fear, and “Are You Not in Error?” which discusses Christian apologetics. I also really liked Wayne’s commentary on the purpose of suffering, as well as his thoughts on Jesus’ discussion with Martha. All in all, Questions Jesus Asks covers a wide range of topics, and it is an excellent book to read.

I received a copy from Cross Focused Reviews. Questions Jesus Asks is available here on Amazon.

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