Hymns of the Heart

Review copy provided by BookCrash.

Adam Faughn’s Hymns of the Heart: Discovering God in the Psalms is a great commentary and analyzation on the Book of Psalms. The book discusses 35 different psalms, and it is an excellent devotional! Psalms has always been one of my favorite books of the Bible, so it was nice to gain more insight into the meaning of various verses.

The book incorporates a nice blend of theology and thoughtful reflection. It is very evident that Faughn has done a lot of research, and the material is formatted in a good way. You can also see Faughn’s passion for Biblical study shine through his writing. The book is easy to jump into, and the passages are great to read and meditate on. Even readers who are very familiar with the Psalms can find new perspectives by reading Hymns of the Heart. True to the book’s subtitle, it is a wonderful way to discover God in the Psalms.

All in all, Hymns of the Heart was a blessing to receive. It is a well-written devotional, and I hope that many readers will use this book to draw their hearts closer to God. You can read more about the book here.

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