Into the Fray

Review copy provided by Baker Books.

In the book Into the Fray: The Story of Acts Retold for Today, Matt Mikalatos provides readers with a modern day translation of The Book of Acts. Into the Fray is both informative and entertaining. In a delightful style, the author rewrites the story of Acts through a series of journal entries, and he also uses relevant personal stories (such as his love of Star Wars as a child) to illustrate his ideas. I thought it was interesting when Mikalatos discussed the rapid growth of the Early Church; it quickly grew from 120 to 3000 members, and as Mikalatos pointed out, that would be amazing if that happened to your home church overnight! I also liked how Mikalatos mentioned that people often unecessarily criticize a Christian work because it “doesn’t present the Gospel,” even though it may very well be presenting the Gospel, just not in an overt way. Throughout the book, the author introduces many thought-provoking topics.

If you’re looking for a good book on Acts, Into the Fray is a wonderful choice. You can find it here on Amazon.

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