Grace in the Middle


After experiencing devastating miscarriages, Wendy and Scott Duke were overjoyed to be pregnant again. But their pregnancy was not exactly what they had expected. They soon found out that their unborn daughter Savannah was missing a leg, and just a few days after Savannah was born, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Wendy and Scott gave their daughter the middle name Grace, and in Wendy’s memoir Grace in the Middle, readers can truly see how God’s grace covered and transformed the Dukes during the difficult time after Savannah’s birth. Savannah is now a teenager, and she is a smart and talented girl and a gifted swimmer. God has a wonderful plan for her life, just as He did back when she was in her mother’s womb.

The part of the book that struck me the most was when a pregnant Wendy was talking to a woman overseas, and Wendy mentioned that the baby she was carrying only had one leg. When the other woman heard this, she was baffled as to why Wendy had not gotten an abortion, and Wendy was able to use this experience to share her faith and hope in Jesus Christ. I also liked reading about how people in the community banded together to support the Dukes during Savannah’s treatments and surgeries. Grace in the Middle is an excellent book, and I am so glad that Wendy shared the story of her amazing family.

I received a review copy from Ambassador International. You can buy Grace in the Middle here.

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