Rare Bird


In 2011, Anna Whitson-Donaldson was a typical suburban mom. She lived in Virginia with her husband and two kids, worked part-time at a church bookstore, and blogged about her kids and painting furniture. Some of the biggest stresses she encountered were juggling her family’s busy schedules. But Anna’s life changed overnight one rainy September day when her 12-year-old son Jack died, after being swept away in a flash flood while playing in his backyard.

In Rare Bird, Donaldson tells her story of loss, grief, and trying to find comfort after this senseless tragedy. It was a heart-wrenching book, but it was also a story of hope. Readers catch a glimpse into the horrific aftermath following the Donaldsons’ tragedy, but we also see the beginning of their healing. We not only follow the grieving journey of Anna, but also of of her husband Tim and daughter Margaret, who all grieve in different ways. I highly recommend this book.

You can find Rare Bird here on Amazon.

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