The Memory Weaver


The Memory Weaver is a novel based on the life of Eliza Spalding, an early missionary to the Nez Perce people, and her daughter, Eliza Spalding Warren, who was kidnapped by the Cayuse Indians as a child and later moved back to that region as an adult. The book serves as a good lesson on some of the history and politics during the mid-to-late 1800s in the Oregon Territory. The story flows smoothly, and Kirkpatrick writes with an elegant style. I like how Kirkpatrick wove together the stories of this mother and daughter. The book realistically shows the difficulties of the American West during its beginnings, but it was great seeing both Elizas face their hardships head-on; both of them certainly make the best out of difficult situations. I especially enjoyed reading the fictional diaries of Eliza Spalding. The Memory Weaver has a little bit of everything, ranging from romance to mystery. It is a book about embracing memories, but it is also a story about looking towards the future with optimism.

You can find The Memory Weaver here on Amazon.

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