Huggable Super Soft 47″ Jumbo Plush Teddy Bear


Woodi’s Huggable Super Soft Teddy Bear is 47 inches long, and true to its title, the bear is extremely soft. The bear comes in vacuum packaging, and is easy to open – just open the outer box and unseal the inner bag containing the bear. The vacuum packaging comes with a small detachable dial piece which could be a choking hazard for children; I mention this because it is very easy to overlook. If you would like to add or remove stuffing, there is a zipper in the back. Because the zipper directly opens to loose stuffing that could be pulled out, this could be hazardous to children, and I believe the bear is best suited for adults.

Bear in vacuum packaging.

I could not find what materials the bear is made of, and there was no information pertaining to that in its box or on the Amazon page. The bear is made in China. The company advises gently beating the product or placing it outside in the sun to improve its shape, but I thought the bear looked just fine upon opening it. This model is referred to as light brown, though I would probably call it “carrot.” You can see how the company’s promotional photo compares to the photo of the bear I received.

To read more about Woodi’s bear, click here.



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