I Prayed for You


I Prayed for You, written by Jean Fischer and illustrated by Frank Endersby, is a darling children’s book about a mother’s love for her child. The drawings are very endearing, making it hard not to smile when reading this book. In the story, a mama bear tells her son that she prayed for him before he was born, prays for him now, and will always pray for him in the future.

Endersby’s drawings show the loving bond between this parent and her precious son, and I loved looking at the detailed pictures, each of which illustrates a unique and descriptive visual scene. One of my favorite pictures was the drawing of the little bear laughing as a butterfly lands near his head, as mama bear lovingly watches him play. I also loved the little bear’s manger bed, which was a nice addition to the illustrations.

Fischer writes in a happy and comforting tone, and the story sends children the message that they are special, loved, and prayed for. The text is simple enough for young children to grasp, and each of the sweet prayers rhymes. The 18-page story is a board book, making it easy for children and parents to flip through together.

You can read more about I Prayed for You here.

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