Coming Clean: A Story of Faith


Coming Clean: A Story of Faith chronicles the first ninety days of sobriety for Seth Haines, a writer and attorney from Arkansas.

Earlier this year, Haines’ wife, Amber, published a memoir, Wild in the Hollow, in which Seth is frequently mentioned. And when I saw that Coming Clean was available for free in exchange for a review, I thought it would be interesting to read about Seth Haines from his first-person perspective. The two books serve different purposes, but both Seth and Amber are profound storytellers who weave the message of the Gospel as they narrate stories from their lives.

Coming Clean excellentingly sheds light on how destructive alcoholism can be – and how Jesus Christ can be our hope amidst our trials. The book shows how Christ truly is the Master Healer, and we see how Christ led Seth through his path to sobriety. I am sure that Haines’ writing will be an encouragement to readers struggling with alcoholism and other addictions.

I like the way the chapters are presented; each chapter represents a different day of sobriety. Haines’ writing has a very personable and relatable feel, and one of the best elements of the book was seeing Seth Haines’ progression towards continued sobriety.

You can read more about Coming Clean: A Story of Faith here.

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