The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership


In The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership, Jenni Catron talks about how to lead with your heart, soul, mind, and strength. What sets this book apart from some of the other leadership books I have read is the caring and encouraging tone of the author.

The book is filled with practical advice, and Catron inspires people to use the skills they have to lead well. Some of my favorite sections of the book talked about humility, being self-aware, and having a strong vision for leadership. Catron points out that leaders don’t have to follow a cookie-cutter mold; for example, they don’t have to be gregarious.

I also really liked the part of the book that talked about facing your fears. Catron wisely says, “Often the difference between success and stagnation is confronting a fear.” To illustrate certain points, Catron tells stories about famous leaders throughout history, such as Pope John Paul II, or Dietrich Bonheoffer, demonstrating how they showed true leadership. Catron also includes stories of ordinary people, showing how they overcame obstacles through leadership. The end of each chapter features thought-provoking questions for reflection.

The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership is a good book for leaders, regardless of what capacity or environment they lead in. Catron shares a lot of general wisdom that people can apply to their specific situations.

You can find the book here on Amazon.

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