I Will Follow Jesus


I Will Follow Jesus by Judah and Chelsea Smith is an endearing children’s Bible storybook. The book has 195 pages of well-written Bible stories geared towards young children. The text gives a lot of background information from both the Old and New Testaments, and conveys the message of God’s unending love for his children.

Some of my favorite stories from I Will Follow Jesus were A Happy Miracle (Abraham and Sarah’s story), The Woman at the Well, The Last Supper, David and the Giant, and The Floating Zoo (Noah’s Ark). The book also includes cute drawings that help to further explain the stories. Along with the stories, the authors list Bible reference verses, so that readers can find the original Biblical sources.

This is a nice children’s Bible storybook, and the passages are written in ways that children will easily be able to grasp them. I really like how some of the passages are written in first person, and directly ask the reader questions. The section on Pentecost starts out by saying, “Waiting for Christmas or your birthday is hard, isn’t it?” and then describes the significance of Pentecost. The direct questions make the book relatable for young children, showing them that the Bible is very relevant to their lives.

You can find the book here on Amazon.

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