Annabel Lee: A Coffey and Hill Novel


Annabel Lee: A Coffey and Hill Novel by Mike Nappa is a fast-paced thriller which follows the detectives Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill as they search for a missing girl: Annabel Lee. I think the major appeal of this book for me was its connection to Edgar Allen Poe’s writing; I have always found his poem “Annabel Lee” to be wistful and chilling.

Mike Nappa’s novel definitely has a dark and sometimes scary feel, making this fictional book a true thriller. I like how Trudi Coffey acknowledges that being a detective is often boring, but then encounters mysterious adventures on the job. Annabel Lee did not feel like a predictable novel, and since it is told from the point of view of various characters, the book is full of slowly unfolding secrets.

You can find Annabel Lee here.

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